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Great to start a workout!

I always take a bar at the start of my cycling workouts. They taste great (if you like coffee and chocolate), and give a definite boost. If you're tired of the gels and bars (or rather, will have to rely on them midway through the race anyhow), give the coffee bar a try for the start!

Great Energy Boost! Great Recovery!

Great product for working out. I felt the immediate boost without the caffiene side effects for me. The best part was I felt better afterwards as well. My muscles seemed more relaxed and not as achy after an intense leg workout!
Purchasing more!!

Quick fulfillment, great product!

These bars are awesome for helping me get through my day when I feel like I’m dragging. Great boost of energy and taste amazing as well!

awesome product

If you like coffee and need an extra kick for your workout, then these are definitely worth it! There is just the right amount of caffeine to get you going with beta alanine to help reduce lactic acid build up. I am a OCR athlete so I usually eat one before a trail run or event.
PS. They are delicious!


I love these bars. So easy to pack and always have with me in case I’m headed for the gym after work. Also help give me a kickstart on long drives!

Love these!

I’m usually skeptical of pre-workout bars but I LOVE this one and don’t feel like I’m eating anything unnatural. It’s basically just concentrated coffee with a delicious cocoa flavor and some extra caffeine for an extra boost. They’re awesome!

Let's Go!

Great for pre-workout and is very convenient to use at work/traveling too. Time to go for that PR!

Simply The Best!

Simply the best pre-workout I've had, in that it's got simple, basic, tried and true ingredients that get the job done and done well!


These Renegade bars are fantastic! They taste great and they really work as a late afternoon pick- me- up. They wake me up and get me moving again!

Before the Gym Pick me up!

I eat a Renegade Coffee bar before I hit the gym on my lunch break. Just what I need to get me through my workout and tie me over before I eat my lunch!


I can't believe how much these taste like coffee. All the benefits of coffee with no risk of burning my mouth.

Just what I need in the mornings

I am not a morning person, but this stuff really helps to get my ass to the gym before class 😂🙌🏼

Delicious & Consistently Energizing

As a coffee lover, I could snack on these everyday before workouts. They're delicious. (And they totally fix those candy-bar cravings!) Just enough caffeine to keep you feeling energized throughout workouts, but not jittery or over stimulating. I always keep a few bars in my gym bag for whenever I need that extra boost.