Affiliate Program

Introducing the Renegade Affiliate Program! 

We’re growing our family of supporters and offering ongoing incentives to build a community of coffee-loving athletes that prefer to consume their pre-workout with Renegade Coffee Bars.  

What are the benefits for being a Renegade Affiliate?

  • Receive a promo code saving you and your followers 15% on each order
  • You receive an additional 15% of ALL SALES made using your promo code or direct link. 
    • You’ll have the option to recruit additional affiliates and receive small commissions on all of their attributes sales as well! 
    • You’ll have access to an online dashboard where you can track your links, promo codes, sales, commissions, recruited affiliates, and more… 
    • You’ll have access to a database of images and advertisements to use, and we encourage you to create your own content, provided it honestly and respectfully promotes our brand values.
    • After your 10th attributed sale each month, you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE 12-pack of Renegade Pre-workout Coffee Bars. 
    • After your 25th attributed sale, you’ll receive a one-time care package with Renegade Apparel and Coffee Bars

    Who are we looking for to be Renegade Affiliate?

    • Like minded individuals with a focus on health, wellness, fitness, and the passion of supporting small businesses. 
    • Those who genuinely love and support the Renegade Coffee Bar products
    • People who will professionally and honestly abide by our brand values in all promotions
        • We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate that does not positively represent our brand, or promotes any other content that we feel is unsuitable for our partnership. 
    • Ideally, those with a health, wellness, or fitness focused social media presence to enhance our outreach to our target audience

    All affiliate applications will be reviewed by the Renegade Marketing team. We will take a look at your social media accounts to see if your content promotes genuine well-being, inclusiveness, and positive messaging. If we believe that you’d be a good fit for a Renegade Affiliate, we’ll approve your application, and you can begin promoting and selling right away!  

    What is asked of the Renegade Affiliates? 

    It’s simple, promote us as much as you’re comfortable promoting us! It’s your direct link, it’s your individual promo code, so how much you earn is all up to you! We’re here to help provide you with assets and products to make your affiliate goals attainable. 

    We do ask that you familiarize yourself with the family of Renegade Coffee Bar products. We pride ourselves with honest advertising, and will require all affiliates to post honest and relevant content that aligns with our brand guidelines. 

    There’s no catches, and no commitments. 

    We don’t require any specific number of followers, posts, mentions, likes, or sales to remain an affiliate. If at any point you’d like to end your time as an affiliate, our team will work with you to close out your final month of commissions.  

    Join the Renegade Affiliate Program today! 

    To apply to our program, follow this link and fill out the short form. Our team will review your application and respond within 1-3 business days.

    Apply as an Individual


    Apply as a Company


    Please reach out to our Marketing Lead, Kelly Vars, at
    with any questions about the affiliate program.